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A Himalayan Kingdom Mounts an Audacious High-Altitude Project to Prevent a Glacial Flood

“If any nation deserves a waiver from the depredations of climate change, it is surely the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan…. Bhutan is the no-hunting, no-fishing, no-billboards, no-smoking, no-genetically-modified-organisms, no-plastic-bags, no-stoplights, no-mountaineering exception to the world as we know it, certainly one of the planet’s most environmentally responsible countries, a quasi-plausible Alternative… Yet for all of Bhutan’s environmental virtuousness, it is also among the first nations to experience climate change’s consequences in a vivid, calamitous form.

— from Chapter One

A Deluge of Consequences.jpg
A video about A Deluge of Consequences:

A video about A Deluge of Consequences in Nepali language:

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